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Hormone Supplementation

An indisputable fact in medicine is that we do age. Another fact that is indisputable, at least for the very foreseeable future, is that you will not live forever. However, there is a great likelihood that you can enjoy a quality of life of vitality well into your senior years because of research into the medical science of hormone replacement and supplementation.

Aging: Fight it or embrace it?
The average life span of an American continues to increase. The current life expectancy of 72 (male) and 79 (female) increases into the mid-eighties IF you can make it to age 65 and now, British researchers think that if you make it to 65 you can get a few more years and should make it to 90! It is also estimated by many gerontologists that by 2050, life expectancy will be well over 100 years old and that there will be millions of Americans at those ages. So if you are 50 now, in the year 2006, the odds will be pretty good that with a healthy lifestyle and regular physical examinations you will make it to vote in the 2056 Presidential Elections.


Is living longer any good if you are not “living?”
With any discussion about increased life expectancy comes the question posed by many: “Do I want to live longer if my mental and physical abilities are impaired?”

There are many who say that we should not seek to live longer if living longer means institutional care, living with chronic pain from disease, or living with impaired mental faculties. But is this the only lifestyle option there is with advanced age? Disability?

There are a growing number of doctors who say that old age does not inevitably bring disability. That the key to enjoying our later years, that is remaining active, mentally alert and independent may rest with hormone replacement therapy.

Can we really control the aging process?

Is it possible to roll back the hands of time and give ourselves a more youthful vigor even when we reach ages that doctors tell us we should consider vitality a thing of the past?

Hormone supplementation is a choice, one that needs to be made by a patient who understands the realistic goals of its benefits and a practitioner who understands the need of moderation—doing just enough and not more to enhance the delicate hormonal balance of our bodies.

What are hormones?
What is hormone supplementation?
How does it enhance vitality even as we age?

Hormones are chemicals within our bodies responsible for many things including the regulation of our metabolism, immune function, blood pressure, sugar levels, body temperature as well as a host of other

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Written by Dr. Marc Darrow, M.D.

Dr. Darrow is a world recognized specialist in many chronic disorders. He has been featured in national publications, and television and radio shows, for his innovative approach to medicine. As the medical director of the Darrow Wellness Institute in West Los Angeles, Dr. Darrow has helped create an age management program for those individuals interested in maintaining a youthful, healthy vigor for adults through “middle age” and well into the senior years.

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