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Thyroid in Women Over 50
You are gaining weight and losing your hair, because of these “characteristics of aging,” you realize that you are getting older and now you have made yourself depressed. Is this aging or is it low-thyroid?

Estimates say that by age 50, 10% of women will be hypothyroid (not producing enough thyroid hormone) and by age 60 that number can nearly double.

You won’t need a scientific study to know that once over the age of 50, maintaining proper body weight becomes more difficult. When a person become hypothyroid staying trim and fit becomes nearly impossible.

The Evil Cycle of Weight Gain and Hypothyroidism
The Thyroid is a master gland participating and controlling the function of all the major body organs. When thyroid hormone is not produced in sufficient quantities to regulate our energy levels (hypothyroidism), our metabolism slows down to a crawl. This has the following weight gain effect.

1. Even on reduced calorie diets, your metabolism will not burn enough calories and you will retain weight.

2. A slow down in metabolism means a drop in energy and the inability to exercise or lead a sufficiently active life to stay trim.

3. Another consequence of hypothyroidism is constipation, accumulated fecal matter accounts for significant pounds.

4. Let’s add water retention for that bloated feeling.

Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism
Hypothyroidism is not easily diagnosed by physicians because the symptoms are that which are routinely attributed to old age, that is the loss of energy, weight gain, etc. A “Thyroid Panel,” measuring TSH, T3, and T4 levels should be part of a basic blood chemistry panel in everyone over 30 so this “old age issue,” may be treated.

Beyond the Blood Test
Sometimes a suspected Thyroid problem can show “normal blood tests” it is important for the women and the doctor who suspect that thyroid is a problem to look for the following besides those symptoms, weight gain, depression, thinning or losing hair mentioned above.

Especially significant are
* memory and mood disorders
* cold sensitivity
* and menstrual problems

Even after you are put on thyroid supplementation, it is important to monitor these symptoms and your general overall health so that you can guide your physician and together your thyroid the type and amount of thyroid supplementation can be altered to help you be the best you can.

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Written by Dr. Marc Darrow, M.D.

Dr. Darrow is a world recognized specialist in many chronic disorders. He has been featured in national publications, and television and radio shows, for his innovative approach to medicine. As the medical director of the Darrow Wellness Institute in West Los Angeles, Dr. Darrow has helped create an age management program for those individuals interested in maintaining a youthful, healthy vigor for adults through “middle age” and well into the senior years.

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